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Production, installation, maintenance and overhaul of equipment in industrial and energetic plants is companys primary activity. Over the years, we realized numerous projects in following industries:
  • food industry

  • chemical industry

  • biogas and biomass power plants

  • thermal power plants

We design and produce various dimension pipelines for various purposes in industrial plants. Pipelines are made of stainless and carbon steel.

  • food industry pipelines (dairy, confectionary industry, wineries, breweries, non-alchoholic beverages)

  • pipelines for heating

  • gas pipelines

  • steam pipelines

  • pipelines for condensate

  • pipelines for compressed air


Integral part of our company assortment is production and installation of steel constructions. In our program there are following types of steel constructions:

  • industrial halls

  • roofings

  • canopies

  • bridges

  • stairs

  • other industrial constructions

  • hidraulic switches

  • dividers and busbars of hot water

  • biogas filters

  • silos

  • other pots

In our production program we offer production and installation of equipment for water drainage and purification systems, irrigation systems and flood defense. Equipment is made of black stainless steel. We produce following equipment:

  • penstocks

  • coarse screens

  • fine screens

  • flap valves

  • floor grids

We produce various types of fences and handrails. Production material is inox or black steel. We offer indoor and outdoor fences for various purposes:

  • staircase fences

  • balcony fences

  • handrails

  • yard fences and doors

  • canals and drains

  • inox lockers

  • manhole lids

  • carts

  • waste containers

  • doors

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